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We are here to promote a training program that provides conditioning in its entirety, seeking the balance of their physical atitudes, functional autonomy and the ability to generate work, in a light and relaxed environment, forming and strengthening our “fitness community”. Stoneybatter Cross Training is a Cross Training Gym made by Brazilians in Ireland for everyone.

Well-planned sports training adapted by our coaches to the level of each of our member.

How do our workouts work? Preparatory Activity - Stretching and Mobility Increase your ROM (range of movement) to do the movements of Workout and other Activation the specific muscles and warming body.

Main Block - Physical Capacities / Drills & Skills here we will Improve your Muscular Strength, Contraction Speed and Power, besides progression drills and get new skills. Metabolic Conditioning: It can be summarized as the improvement of the metabolic system in its energy demand, basically Endurance and Stamina.

Balance of Physical Capacities: resistance, strength, power (speed and agility) and flexibility, reaching and improving the level of coordination.

Functional autonomy allows the individual to be autonomous in their daily activities such as going to the bathroom, lifting a child, fetching a glass from the high shelf, playing with their children, picking up a pen from the floor, jumping rope and among others.

General conditioning to live in a healthy way that allows you to carry out daily activities without getting tired when climbing a ladder, for example.

Community to be in a place where everyone knows each other and supports each other in every movement. Where everyone celebrates each evolution. A light and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to call it family, and once you join this family you don't want to leave. Where everyone cheers for everyone else, helps each other and celebrates achievements together.



is a programme to work your fitness, it is a program combining different types of exercises, mainly Endurance, Weightlifting, Strength, Gymnastics and others. The protocol utilizes several kinds of training to develop the wellness and bring quality of life to each member.



It is a sport that is based on power exercises, Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Due to the fact that functional fitness is a fundamental that incorporates a large variety of movements, exercises and physical abilities to all levels, we work on such specific points during 1 hour to further improve your skills.



It is a capability and ability to sustain work rate for a long period. Ergs machines such as Air Bike, Rowing and Ski Erg, combined with the other exercises contribute to higher intensity of work within 30min.



During the 30min training, in class, you will perform a variety of exercises to increase your range of motion, control your muscles and joints to be able to move better and freer.



Specific class of 1 hour to improve your skills in gymnastic exercises hanging and on the floor to develop and display strength, agility and balance in exercises using your bodyweight.

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